Heidi C. Nielsen is an actress and writer/deviser with a love for Shakespeare, Chaplin and new writing. Born in Denmark, Heidi is one of the Vikings in Fingers Crossed and an acting graduate from East 15 Acting School.


Heidi is also a recipient of the (smallest) title of the Danish Monarchy, “Kongelig Mayestaits Acteur” (Royal Majesty Actor), which is given to actors appearing in Studenterrevyen. A yearly revue that dates back to 1820. She has also written several comedic sketches for this show. 



The fairytale, “The Viking: An Unexpected Journey”, written by Heidi’s uncle Hans Christian Andersen, drove her to the harbor to sneak onboard the first boat she saw. It was headed to England to raid the brits of breakfast tea. Being a coffee drinker herself, she decided to take up acting instead upon entering the land of Essex.