Eliah is an actor/musician who started playing guitar and drums at an early age, as well as taking acting classes. At the age of 16, he 

deepened his musical skills by studying Music at upper secondary school. At the same time, he pursued acting and got parts in commercials, won a Youth Theatre Festival and got the opportunity to perform at Riksteatern (The National Theatre Company of Sweden).


He has a passion for new writing, creating music and is an acting graduate of East 15 Acting School. 


Fika: Were Good Ideas Come From

Written by Eliah "The Harmless Viking" Arnstjerna


However long the day may seem, 

With countless tasks too boring to do, 

A social gathering with sugar and caffeine, 

Is the only way to get through. 

We discuss and laugh with coffee or tea, 

As we plan what's next: maybe as cinnamon bun too, 

Hours pass and we're productive and glee, 

But we haven't left the spirit of fika. Sip, sip, chew!